Thursday, September 06, 2007

Storm worm now warns of RIAA investigation

The latest change in the ongoing Storm Worm assault is email warning of RIAA investigations. Here are some Subject lines from this AM:
  • Subject: Big brother is watching you.
  • Subject: Careful, being watched.
  • Subject: Do you know who is watching you?
  • Subject: The things you do online are being watched.
  • Subject: What you do online is no longer private.
  • Subject: You are being watched online.
  • Subject: Your Privacy is being violated
  • Subject: Your online activities are no longer safe.
  • Subject: Your online life is not private
  • Subject: Your privacy is no longer safe
There are various bodies; here's an example:
If you download music of other files, you're being tracked. The RIAA is after everyone they can find. Our program will eliminate any trace to you. Keep your right to privacy safe, and download our software for free.
The emails point to an IP address, suggesting you "Download Tor". The resulting webpage points to 'tor.exe', which Avira identifies as Worm/Stom.tck"

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