Sunday, October 05, 2008

CISSP in Pittsburgh

I just got back from teaching MGT 414 in Pittsbugh, PA. I taught on short notice, didn't book my plane,. etc., until 2 days before my flight.

I had never been to Pittsbugh before, so it was nice to check out the city. Steeler mania is certainly in full swing. I was also lectured on the wisdom of the Jason Bay trade from a cabbie (who took offense when I mentioned I 'missed' Manny). Both have been clutch in the postseason thus far, so I can't argue.

The nice thing about the Community SANS courses is the smaller classes allow a lot of networking between students.

I had a great time with the students; one student happened to live across the street from the hotel, and threw a dinner party for the class on Friday night. I can honestly say that a home-cooked meal is worth its weight in gold while on the road. Thanks, Nicole!

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extraspecialbitter said...

Eric - did you get a chance to check out The Church Brew Works? It's exactly what it sounds like. Mary and I were there in '04, when they had an excellent Belgian tripel on tap...